Monochrome Infrared Photography

Monochrome Infrared photography is a fascinating subject. Images are captured at wavelengths between 700nm to 900nm which are beyond the visible light spectrum we use for traditional colour photography.

IR photography can be used to capture a considerable level of detail and structure in an image depending on the subject, weather conditions and level and direction of light, creating unique and intriguing effects.

The images captured here have been taken with a specially converted Nikon D800E DSLR camera.

Understanding the complexities of IR photography and possibilities in post processing will take time but are an intriguing and exciting prospect. 

For further information on this genre of photography, I would recommend you look up Simon Weir, an expert in this field and author of the book 'Beyond Visible Light'.

Also Advanced Camera Services who carried out the conversion of the Nikon D800E and provided invaluable information on compatible lens performance.